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Cod and Haddock

Our cod and haddock are fished from sustainable stocks from the waters in and around the North Atlantic. It is frozen and packed on board ship within 5 hours of being caught. This ensures that it is as fresh as can be and of the highest quality possible.

The FASFA (Frozen at Sea Fillets Association) ensures that the fish you will be eating at Chumley Warner's is:

  1. Consistently high in quality of taste
  2. 'Ocean Wild' - not farmed
  3. Free from 'E' numbers
  4. Caught in well managed waters of Iceland and Barents Sea
  5. Filleted and frozen within 5 hours of being caught

In blind taste tests 12 out of 14 chose FAS fish.
FASFA supplies sea fillets to over 80% of UK fish & chip shops and now to Chumley Warner's of Australia.


Scampi, also known as the Dublin Bay Prawn was the ultimate pub meal in the 60s and 70s and still has a strong following today. Our stock of Scottish wholetail breaded scampi served with fresh cooked chips and a squirt of tartare sauce will bring back those memories of sitting in the pub garden on a cool summer’s night sipping cider and tucking into a basket of scampi - a memory worth recreating.


During the months of February and March shoals of cod go to spawn along the Norwegian coast and the cod roe is harvested. Battered cod roe is more popular in the Midlands and Southern regions of the UK.

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Our sausages, pies, pasties, haggis, black and white pudding are all handmade by artisan British Craftsmen to traditional British recipes. They have perfected these products over many years both in the UK and now Australia.

Our bakers and butchers have been producing food at the top end of their field for many years. None of our meat products are machine produced or highly processed so only the very best is served at Chumley Warner's.

Steak Kidney Pudding